Retention Policy

Retention policies allow you to manage how many file versions to keep, or how long. To set up a custom retention policy for the backup data, use the retention options in the Backup Wizard when creating a new backup plan.

  • Delete versions older than - All file versions older than the value defined in the "File version age" field will be deleted.
  • Always keep the last version - This option allows to keep the last file version even if it is out of date according to the retention policy.
  • Keep number of versions - This option allows to keep a certain number of file versions for each file.
  • Delete files that have been deleted locally - This option allows to clear up backup storage (i.e. automatically delete cloud files) if these files no longer exist on source.

If you specify both options: File version age and Number of versions, a retention policy will delete file versions according to any of these condititions. If a version is outdated by the age, it will be deleted even if there are fewer versions than you have specified in the Number of versions field. On the contrary, if a file version is not outdated by the age but there are more versions than you have specified in the Number of versions field, it will be deleted.