New User Guidelines

This checklist helps you to perform first step in MSP360 Backup. Run through the stages stated above, follow the links, and get familiar with the solution.

To Do ✔️ Steps To Do Details…
Create your organization
Open Management Console In the mailbox associated with your account you can find Managed Backup Service Login Information email. Open Managed Backup Service Control Panel at It is recommended to use a strong password
Use Getting Started wizard to add create your first backup Add your existing cloud backup storage destination to Storage > Storage Accounts or use free MSP360 trial storages powered by AWS or Wasabi for 30 days. You can later subscribe to use this storage account Details
Enable 2FA if you are planning to manage backups securely from Management Console (optional) Make decision whether to use 2FA. You can enable it later in Settings > General, if necessary. Details
Configure email service (optional) Configure email service to avoid your notifications to end-users will be considered and handled as spam. You can use your SMTP server or Amazon SES. Go to Settings > Notifications to configure email service Details
Create companies Users can be grouped into companies to simplify the backup routine by using uniform backup configurations. Go to Organizations > Companies and add companies. You will need to add at least one backup destination for the company. Backup destination is one of your storage accounts + bucket/container selected for company backup + company storage limit. Your storage destination must have a bucket that can be assigned to the company. Add backup storage destination, set the limits (by default, 0 GB is set as storage limit), configure license pool settings, and other settings for the company. Details
Set storage limits (optional) You can add storage limits to spend storage capacity efficiently. Go to Backup > Storage Limits and configure the limits. Details
Add users Go to Organizations > Users and create users to manage backup and restore processes. Specify user account email, specify the company for this user to apply the company settings to the user. It is recommended to disable added users until your service is configured. You can enable them later. Details
Edit users that are not included in companies For the users that are not included in companies you will need to configure all settings separately. Go to Organizations > Users, select the user and click Edit. Each user needs to have at least one backup destination specified to back up to cloud storage. If the user will utilize only local storage for backup, no more actions needed. Backup destination is one of your storage accounts + bucket/container selected for user backup + user storage limit. Users can be limited in using storage space according to the storage limit specified for each backup destination. Click the Add Backup Destination link and provide required data in the Backup Destination dialog.
Create administrators (optional) You can delegate some activities to administrators. Go to Organizations > Administrators and create administrators. You can set granular permissions and specific settings for your administrators Details
Enable Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace backup (optional) To backup Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 cloud resources go to M365\Google > General and enable Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace backup. Go to M365\Google> Destinations, Licenses and Domains and add backup destinations and the mail domain to backup. Details
Configure notifications Go to Settings > Notifications and configure who will be notified about the backup process. Details
License Planning Consider, that the trial licenses appear in the Organizations > Licenses license list only after you start using them. Go to Organizations > Licenses to buy licenses for your organization. It may take up to 24 hours to process some requests. Details
Allocate licenses Configure your licensing policy. You can create Company Pool of licenses or specify licensing policy for each company. Details
Rebrand your service (optional) You can add corporation identity elements to your service. Details
Configure backup settings for your customers
Create backup configurations for your users You can create backup configurations for your companies and user computers remotely. Go to Computers > Remote Deploy and create backup configurations for specified user computers (companies). The backup configuration settings will override local settings your users can set Details
Configure backup agent usage on users computers (optional) You can organize your backup process by configuring Global Agent Options for all companies or Agent Options for specific company Details
Set Online Access for users (optional) Provide users with a secure way to view their backup content and to ensure that data is properly backed up Details
Generate backup agent builds
Configure agent builds creation Go to Downloads > Options and select Enable Sandbox to prepare backup agent builds silently. These builds cannot be downloaded by your end-users until you make them public. You can make them public later. Details
Generate backup agent builds Go to Downloads > Builds and generate agent builds you are planning to allow for user deployment. These builds remain invisible for your enabled (active) users until you make these builds public. A custom client software associated with your provider ID will be generated and can be downloaded any time from the download page. If a user already has this software from another provider, it is recommended to uninstall this software before the new instance will be installed Details
Deploy agent builds to your computer Go to Downloads > Builds to download generated builds to your computer. Later your enabled users will be invited to download generated public backup agent builds Details.
Test your own environment
Create a backup plan on your computer (recommended) Open Online Backup application and on Backups Plans tab click one of the action panel options to start backup plan wizard. The backup plan wizard helps you to create the first backup plan. Make test/pilot backup Details
Create the restore plan on your computer (recommended) Open Online Backup application and on Restore plan tab click one of the action panel options to run restore wizard. Restore wizard helps you to create the restore plan. Make test/pilot restore Details
Start your service
Make backup agent builds public Go to Downloads > Builds and make generated agent builds public. Also you can enable automatic agent update on Downloads > Options Details
Enable configurations Go to Computers > Remote Deploy and enable the configurations that will be deployed to your users Details
Enable users and administrators Go to Organizations > Users and enable your users. All enabled users will receive email notifications. They can download and install generated agent builds.
Invite the users you cannot see in the Management Console to download generated public backup agent builds (optional) Go to Organizations > Users, select the user, and click Reset password and send instructions. You can select backup agent builds for the user. Your users receive updated login information and link for backup agent build deployment
Manage users computers Manage the backup processes on customer computers in Management Console using Computers and Computers > Remote Management (legacy menu). You can manage all your customer computers on a single view. You should associate every computer with one of your users. Details
Monitor the backup process See available reports on Reporting. You can configure your reporting policy and schedule necessary reports.