This chapter contains instructions on creating a new ticket via Support Portal for Managed Backup users.

Create Case on Support Portal

To create a ticket (case) for the MSP360 Technical Support team, please first log in to your MBS account. Note that the ticket is going to be created under the email associated with an admin/sub-admin you're currently logged in under.

Open the Help menu by clicking the question mark button at the top right corner and click the "Support" button. This option will redirect you to the MSP360 Support Porta account associated with your MBS provider.

My Cases option will redirect you to the page where you can work on the previously opened support tickets.

To open a new ticket, click the Open a case button.

Open a Case

This form has 6 mandatory fields that need to be filled out before you submit a support ticket:

  • Case Type

    • Select Technical Product issue for technical support and licensing/sales option for contacting sales.*
  • Product

    • Under that option you need to select a product that you are referring to.
  • OS

    • This field for the operating system our product is installed on.
  • Subject

    • Here you need to type in a short description of your issue.
  • Message

    • In this field, you need to provide a detailed description of an issue and error message.
  • Priority

    • Specify the priority of your issue. Priority levels provide an indication of the urgency of an issue and help us provide a rapid and effective response. Categorizing priority levels incorrectly hinders the overall case-handling process and can adversely affect you. Refer to our Customer Support Reference Guide for more information.*

Click Next once you fill out all the fields.

Search KB

In the next step, you can search through our KB articles using the keywords describing your issue or an error message.

Upload Files to Attach

In the next step, you can attach a file to your case. This could be an image, log file, Event Log, or anything you think is relevant and helpful for further investigation.

How to Attach File to Existing Case

In order to attach a file to the existing case you need to go to My Cases and select the case you want to attach your file. After that, you will be able to upload the file by clicking the "Browse" button:

Support Portal Updates Explained

Please note that in the current implementation, there are two versions of the Support Portal:

  • Support Portal for Managed Backup customers which is accessed from the Managed Backup portal by clicking the Support button in the Help menu.

  • Support Portal for the users of the Standalone version of MSP360 (formerly CloudBerry) Backup which is accessed via the direct link.

Managed Backup and Standalone customers have different support SLAs and technical support is not available by default for Standalone customers and is purchased separately.

We use two versions of the Support Portal to distinguish the Managed Backup customers from Standalone users to qualify and prioritize the requests properly. As a Managed Backup customer, you need to log in to the support portal via SSO from the MBS portal by clicking the Support button as explained above.

Contact Form

If you have issues with accessing the Support portal or any problems with creating a support ticket or checking our replies, reach out to us using our Contact form.