API Methods

The list of available API methods is grouped as follows:


Authentication API.

Method Description
POST API/Provider/Login MBS API authentication information. The authentication parameters are provided to customer


Method Description
GET API/Packages Gets a list of package structures available to users
GET API/Packages {ID} Gets package structures by package ID
POST API/Packages Creates new package
PUT API/Packages Edits package
DELETE API/Packages/{ID} Deletes package


Methods to manage users.

Method Description
GET API/Users Gets user list
GET API/Users/{ID} Gets user by user ID
PUT API/Users/Authenticate Gets user by user login and password
PUT API/Users Updates user properties to new values
POST API/Users Creates user
DELETE API/Users/{id}/Account Deletes User Account Only. Cloud Storage Data is not Deleted
DELETE API/Users/{id} Deletes specified user and all user-related information. Data will Be Deleted During the Day
GET API/Users/{UserID}/Computers Returns User Computers List
DELETE API/Users/{userId}/Computers Deletes Specified User Computer Data from Cloud Storage. Data will Be Deleted During the Day


Methods to return monthly usage report per user and to generate invoices.

Method Description
GET API/Monitoring Returns a list of monitoring structures that are available to users
GET API/Monitoring/{UserID} Gets user monitoring records


Method Description
GET API/Companies Returns companies list
GET API/Companies/{ID} Returns company properties by ID
DELETE API/Companies/{ID} Delete provider company by ID
POST API/Companies Creates new company
PUT API/Companies Updates company data


Methods to manage licenses.

Method Description
GET API/Licenses?isAvailable={isAvailable} Returns a list of license structures
GET API/Licenses/{ID} Returns license structures
POST API/Licenses/Grant Grant available licenses for existing user
POST API/Licenses/Release Release license from a user
POST API/Licenses/Revoke Revokes License (release info about computer)


Methods to manage backup destinations.

Method Description
POST API/Destinations Adds backup destination to user
PUT API/Destinations Edits backup destination for user
DELETE API/Destinations/{ID}?UserID={UserID} Deletes backup destination for user
GET API/Destinations/{UserEmail} Lists user backup destinations


Methods to manage storage accounts.

Method Description
GET API/Accounts Returns account list
GET API/Accounts/{ID} Returns account properties by account ID
POST API/Accounts Adds an account
PUT API/Accounts Edits account
POST API/Accounts/AddDestination Adds existing destination to account
PUT API/Accounts/EditDestination Edits storage account destination
PUT API/Accounts/RemoveDestination Removes storage destination from account


Methods to return monthly usage reports per user and generates invoices.

Method Description
GET API/Billing Returns billing information for specified month
PUT API/Billing Returns filtered billing records
PUT API/Billing/Details details of backup/restore


Methods to manage public builds.

Method Description
GET API/Builds Returns a list of build structures that are available to users
POST API/Builds/RequestCustomBuilds Requests custom builds of specified editions
GET API/Builds/AvailableVersions Returns latest available build versions


Methods to create and manage administrators accounts.

Method Description
GET API/Administrators Returns administrator list
GET API/Administrators/{ID} Returns administrator by ID
POST API/Administrators Creates administrator
PUT API/Administrators Updates administrator properties
DELETE API/Administrators/{ID} Deletes specified administrators


Methods of reporting.

Method Description
GET ReportIssueLogs/{OwnerID}/{FileName}/{EXT} Returns logs upon HTTP request. No documentation available
GET ReportIssueLogs/{OwnerID}/{FileName} No documentation available