POST API/Provider/Login

API authentication information. The authentication parameters are provided to a customer.

Request Information

URI Parameters


Body Parameters

Name Description Type Additional Information
UserName User name string Mandatory parameter
Password Password string Mandatory parameter. Password String length: inclusive between 3 and 100

Request Formats

application/json, text/json

  "UserName": "sample string 1",
  "Password": "sample string 2"

application/xml, text/xml

<ProviderController.LoginUserBindingModel xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <Password>sample string 2</Password>
  <UserName>sample string 1</UserName>

Response Information

Resource Description

Name Description Type Additional Information
Version - Version None
Content - HttpContent None
StatusCode - HttpStatusCode None
ReasonPhrase - string None
Headers - Collection of Object None
RequestMessage - HttpRequestMessage None
IsSuccessStatusCode - boolean None