Applies new values of user properties.

Request Information

URI Parameters


Body Parameters

User properties structure

Name Description Type Additional Information
ID User unique identifier string Required
Email User login(email) string None
FirstName - string None
LastName - string None
NotificationEmails Collection of string None
Company - string None
Enabled - boolean Required
Password User password string None
LicenseManagementMode Mode of user license management UserModeType None

Request Formats

application/json, text/json

  "ID": "sample string 1",
  "Email": "sample string 2",
  "FirstName": "sample string 3",
  "LastName": "sample string 4",
  "NotificationEmails": [
    "sample string 1",
    "sample string 2"
  "Company": "sample string 5",
  "Enabled": true,
  "Password": "sample string 7",
  "LicenseManagementMode": 0

application/xml, text/xml

<UsersEditModels xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/MBSAPImvc.Engine.Models">
  <Company>sample string 5</Company>
  <Email>sample string 2</Email>
  <FirstName>sample string 3</FirstName>
  <ID>sample string 1</ID>
  <LastName>sample string 4</LastName>
  <NotificationEmails xmlns:d2p1="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">
    <d2p1:string>sample string 1</d2p1:string>
    <d2p1:string>sample string 2</d2p1:string>
  <Password>sample string 7</Password>