OneDrive Backup

This chapter covers the following topics:

On-Demand Files in OneDrive

OneDrive On-Demand files help you accessing all your files in OneDrive without downloading them and using storage space on your Windows device.

OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) is an online Microsoft cloud service. OneDrive is integrated with Windows 10 as a default location for saving user files to share and modify photos and other files across multiple devices.

A user can also save their files in OneDrive and have them automatically synchronized on other devices. This means someone can access and work on the same document in multiple locations.

Once Files On-Demand is enabled, you see all your files in a file manager. New files created online or on another device appear as available online-only files, which do not take up space on your device. Once your PC is connected to the Internet, you can use the files like every other file on your device.

On-Demand File Backup

Managed Backup supports backing up of On-Demand files in Management Console and Backup Agent for Windows.

How It Works

By default, the backing up of OneDrive files is disabled (the Do not back up On-Demand files option is enabled).

If you need to back up the OneDrive files, disable the Do not back up On-Demand files.

Upon a backup plan execution, On-Demand files that are available online only (have an Unpinned attribute) will be downloaded from the OneDrive storage and then uploaded to backup storage as any other files. Once these files are backed up, they will be marked again with an Unpinned attribute. OneDrive files that are kept locally (with Pinned attribute) will be backed up in any case.

While downloading On-Demand files from the OneDrive cloud, a maximum downloading period is set for each file to be downloaded. These downloading periods are calculated separately for each file: a period is calculated as a ratio of file size to 10 Mbps speed. For example, a downloading period for a file of a 200 MB size is approximately 2 minutes.

If a file is not downloaded within the calculated period, a Download timeout error occurs

If the VSS snapshot mechanism is used (On-Demand files are processed as regular files, so the file is taken from the OneDrive folder and is uploaded to backup storage. On-Demand files are not included in a VSS snapshot

Enable/Disable On-Demand File Backup

In Management Console

To configure the On-Demand file backup settings in file backup plans using Management Console, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the RMM menu, select Remote Management.
  3. Find the required computer, then click the gear icon.
  4. Select Show Plans.
  5. Find the required plan, expand it, then click Edit.
  6. Click the Advanced Filter step.
  7. Disable or enable the Do Not Back Up On-Demand Files check box.

  1. Once you are done, click Save.

In Backup Agent

To configure the On-Demand file backup settings in file backup plans in Backup Agent, proceed as follows:

  1. Access the required computer and open the Backup Agent.
  2. Edit the required file backup plan.
  3. Follow the backup wizard to the Advanced Filter step.

  1. Disable or enable the Do not back up On-Demand files check box.
  2. Finish the backup wizard to save the configuration.