Post-payment simplifies the customers' access to MSP360 services.

In post-payment mode there is no need in preliminary purchases and accounting the number of required licenses in order to activate particular MSP360 service.

Post-payment advantages:

  • In the current mode, existing providers can be switched to post-pay mode manually. To do this, you need to contact the sales team
  • The post-payment mode only supports the FastSpring payment system
  • Post-payment mode is available for monthly subscriptions. No annual subscriptions offered
  • Post-payment is always performed in the beginning of the current month for the previous month
  • If you use one of MSP350 storage (powered by AWS or Wasabi), it is possible that the final payment will be divided into several stages as the MSP350 storage billing arrives. This happens due to the peculiarities MSP360 billing
  • Post-payment applies to MSP360 services, including Onboarding and Premium Support licenses
  • License pricing changes are possible only from the next license period. Thus, as of the 1st day of the next month after the license price changes
  • If you purchased and use discounted licenses for AWS, that license will be cancelled and a new license will be assigned at the regular price
  • A new paid license subscription cannot be activated without a linked bank card