Using Command Line Interface in Backup Agent for Windows

The Backup Agent command line interface (CLI) has pretty the same feature set supported as the Backup Agent GUI: using CLI you can back up and restore files to/from cloud storage, edit global options, list backup plans, accounts, etc.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Run CLI Utility

To use CLI, run a cbb.exe tool.

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Type cmd.exe in the search line to run the Windows console, then press Enter.
  3. Change your current folder to the folder where Backup Agent is installed. For example:
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\CBL Company allin1\online backup\"

Command Examples

Examples show the basic usage of a command-line interface:

Set Bandwidth to 100Kb

cbb.exe option -bw 100

Back up files "C:\work\weekreport.xls" & "C:\work\month.xls" and folder "C:\Documents and Settings\scott" to myaccount with files filter

cbb.exe backup -a myaccount 
-f "C:\work\weekreport.xls"
-f "C:\work\month.xls" 
-d "C:\Documents and Settings\scott" 
-ifm "*.doc;*.docx;*.xls"

Restore files from S3

The latest version of "C:\work\weekreport.xls" will be restored to "c:\restoredfiles" with overwriting enabled.

cbb.exe restore -a myaccount -rt latest -rl "c:\restoredfiles\" -f "C:\work\weekreport.xls" -o 

Silent Installation

To perform a silent installation, use the Windows command prompt.

  1. Start Windows command prompt with the Run as Administrator option.
  2. Change the directory to the path where the Online Backup installation file is located: cd "path".
  3. To execute the silent installation with default settings, run the following command:
CBLCompanyallin1OnlineBackupSetup_vx.x.x.x_netv4.0_ALLEDITIONS.exe /S 

If you want to install Online Backup to a specific folder type, use the /D parameter

CBLCompanyallin1OnlineBackupSetup_vx.x.x.x_netv4.0_ALLEDITIONS.exe /S /D="C:\customFolder"

To install Online Backup to a specific user profile (i.e. all settings will be saved into the user's profile, not to "All Users" as a default), use the UserName parameter:

CBLCompanyallin1OnlineBackupSetup_vx.x.x.x_netv4.0_ALLEDITIONS.exe /S /UserName

Select Edition

Each edition has its license and available trials.

Note: For users registered since August 15, 2016, there is an option to select the edition from inside the product (All-In-One)

To select a required edition use the following command:

cbb.exe option -edition editionvalue
Possible values: mssql, baremetal, msexchange, mssqlexchange, vmedition

Add New Managed Backup User Via Command Line

Change directory to the product installation folder, for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\MyCompany\Online Backup

Run the following command to set up the MBS user account:

cbb.exe addAccount -e yourUserEmail -p userPassword

(where yourUserEmail is the email of the MBS user account, and userPassword is the password.

To set up a local backup, you need to specify a File Storage account:

cbb.exe addAccount -d "DisplayName" -st FileSystem -c "Path"


  • -d -- any name you want to use to identify your account.
  • -st -- it should be "FileSystem"
  • -c -- path where you want to back up to.
  • -bp -- backup prefix (a computer name by default). It is an advanced option that is used to identify a backup for a specific computer.

Managing Storage Accounts

Use the following commands to find more details:

cbb.exe account -?

List accounts (-list) List your accounts:

cbb.exe account -l

Synchronize account (-sync) Sync using the following command:

cbb.exe account -s (-sync) "accountname"

Custom folders (-custom) Folders that must be considered while syncing:

cbb.exe account -customfolders "folder path"

Output format Set the format of the output

cbb.exe account -output 

Possible formats: short, full(Default) For the help use:

cbb.exe account -?(\?, help, man)

Edit account

Enter the following commands:

cbb.exe [-e email] [-p password] [-bp backupPrefix] [-ssl [yes | no]] -e email: Specify user email -p password: Specify a password for the user -bp backupPrefix: Backup prefix to differentiate between backups from different computers. Optional, by default is the computer name -**ssl **[yes | no]: Use SSL

General options

Use the following command to get help on it:

cbb.exe option -?

Operations with Files

Backup files (backup) Use the following command to find more details:

cbb.exe backup -?

Command Arguments

Argument Description Value
-a(ccount) Account name -
-aid Account ID -
-f(ile) Backup file -
-d(irectory) Backup directory -
-ifm Include file mask -
-efm Exclude file mask -
-es Except system and hidden files yes(default), no
-skipf Skip folders. Example: “bin; temp -
-c Compress files yes,no(default)
-ea Encryption algorithm no,AES128-256
-ep Encryption password -
-bef Backup empty folders yes,no(default)
-s(imple) Use simple mode yes,no(default)
-oa(onlyafter) Backup files only after specified date/time -
-vss Force using VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) yes, no(default)
-ntfs Backup NTFS permissions yes, no(default)
-sharerw Use share read/write mode on errors. Can help if file is open in share read/write mode yes, no(default)

Back Up NTFS Permissions

Enable NTFS permission backup if required.

To apply this feature for a new backup simply enter the following command:

cbb.exe backup -ntfs

To restore NTFS permissions enter the following command:

cbb.exe restore -ntfs

Import backup configuration

Import backup configuration Use the following command to import backup configuration fles:

importConfig -f filePath [-m]

The list of available parameters:

  • -? -- Display the command's help
  • -f : specify the path to the configuration file
  • -m : indication to replace the backup prefix in the imported accounts with the current machine's name

Restore Files

Use the following command to find more details:

cbb.exe restore -?

Command Arguments

Argument Description Value
-a(ccount) Account name -
-f(ile) Restore file -
-d(irectory) Restore directory -
-rl Restore location original (default), "path"
-rt Restore type latest (default), Date time
-o(verwrite) Overwrite existing files -
-ep Encryption password -
-bp Backup prefix -
-rn (-restorenew) Restore only new files. Existing files will be overwritten only if the modification date of the backed up file is newer than the existing -

Delete Files/folders From Storage

Use the following command to find more details:

cbb.exe delete -?

Command Arguments

Argument Description Value
-a(ccount) Account name -
-f(ile) Restore file -
-d(irectory) Restore directory -

View File Versions

Use the following command to find more details:

cbb.exe list -?

Command Arguments

Argument Description Value
-a(ccount) Account name -
-f(ile) Restore file -
-d(irectory) Restore directory -