Consistency Check Plan

The consistency check is a mechanism that helps to avoid data losses. If any discrepancy is found within a consistency check, a user is notified about objects that are missing on backup storage or there is a mismatch between object sizes or modification dates.

A consistency check can be created as a separate plan using the command line interface.

Create Consistency Check Plan

Use the acc (or addConsistencyCheckPlan) command to create and configure a separate plan that performs consistency check.

Command Examples

Create the consistency check for both formats: the new backup format and the legacy backup format for storage account Local with no schedule:

C:\Program Files\MyCompany\Online Backup\cbb acc -a Local -ep MyEncryptionPassword

Create the consistency check plan for both formats at a specific time

C:\Program Files\MyCompany\Online Backup\cbb acc -a Local -ep MyEncryptionPassword -at "15:42" 

Note that the acc command only creates the consistency check plan. To run the consistency check plan, use the plan command:

C:\Program Files\MyCompany\Online Backup\cbb plan -r "PlanName"

Edit Consistency Check Plan

To edit the consistency plan settings, run the same cbb acc command again with the new settings. This command will create the existing plan again.

Command Parameters

The acc command has the following parameters:

  • -a. Storage account name
  • -aid. Storage account ID
  • -ep Encryption password (backup storage contains encrypted data)
  • -skipLegacy Skip consistency check for legacy backup format. Possible values: yes, no (default)
  • -every. Specify recurring schedule type. Possible values: day, week, month, dayofmonth, real-time
  • -at Specify the datetime or time of consistency check plan schedule. Example: -at "17-Aug-21 17:58" , or -at "17:58" for every day schedule
  • -day. Specify the day for 'dayofmonth' schedule (1..31)
  • -weekday listOfWeekDays. Specify day(s) of week for weekly schedule. Example: "su, mo, tu, we, th, fr, sa". Or specify day of week for monthly schedule
  • -weeknumber Specify the number of week First, Second, Third, Fourth, Penultimate, Last
  • -dailyFrom Specify daily recurring from value
  • -dailyTill Specify daily recurring till value
  • -occurs Specify recurring period type. Possible values: hour, min
  • -occurValue Specify a recurring period value
  • -repeatEvery Specify repeat period value. Possible values: 1..31
  • -repeatStartDate Specify start date when recurring backup plan schedule is on
  • -output Output format. Possible values: short, full(default) -?(?,/?,help,man) Show help

Command Help

To view the command help, use the following command:

C:\Program Files\MyCompany\Online Backup\cbb acc -?