Backup Agent Security Options

Configure Backup Agent security options using the command line interface.

For these purposes, use the following command:

cbb securityoptions 

Add Master Password

To add a master password for Backup Agent, use the securityoptions command with -password and -confirm parameters:

  • -password. Sets a new master password
  • -confirm. Confirms the master password


cbb securityoptions -password mynewpassword!% -confirm mynewpassword!%

Never use passwords from the help documentation examples

You can edit the existing master password using the securityoptions command with the same arguments.

Force Master Password Confirmation for CLI Command Execution

To require a master password confirmation for any CLI command, use the securityoptions command with the -mpCLI parameter:

  • -mpCLI. Sets the obligatory confirmation with the master password for every CLI command. Possible values: yes, no


cbb securityoptions -mpCLI yes -mp mynewpassword!%

cbb securityoptions -mpCLI ne -mp mynewpassword!%

Confirm CLI Commands With Master Password

If configured settings require confirmation by a master password, use commands with the following parameter:

  • -mp. The current master password value


cbb addbackupplan -n 'mynewplan' -a "mys3account" -nbf -d "c:\backup\" -mp currentmasterpassword!%

Reset Master Password

To reset a master password, use the securityoptions command with -rmp parameter:

  • -rmp. Reset master password

Note that along with a master password, all other passwords (storage accounts, etc.) will be reset as well


cbb securityoptions -password -rmp

External Changes

If any changes are made in backup/restore plan configuration files or the config file and Backup Agent is protected with a master password, it automatically detects these changes. In this case, decide if you accept these changes or reset them.

For security purposes, resetting changes deletes all modified settings (storage account passwords and/or with existing plans)

To manage unauthorized changes, use the securityoptions command with the following parameters:

  • -acceptchanges. This parameter accepts unauthorized changes. The parameter is used with the -mp parameter
  • -resetchanges. This parameter reset the detected unauthorized changes. Note that changes are reset along with modified parameters (storage accounts and/or existing plans) deletion


cbb securityoptions -acceptchanges -mp currentmasterpassword!%

cbb securityoptions -rejecttchanges -mp currentmasterpassword!%

Command Help

To view the command help, use the following command:

cbb securityoptions -?