Delete Users and/or User Data

You can delete user accounts via Management Console when there is no need for keeping users due to a contract end or similar situation. You can delete your user accounts and delete their data on backup storage directly from the Management Console.

Note that user data deletion may take several days, depending on storage account settings. The progress cannot be reported. Once the deletion process is completed, you will be notified by email

To Delete User

To delete a user, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Organization menu, select Users.
  2. Find a user you to delete, then click the X in the appropriate row.

  1. In the Delete User dialog box, select the action to be applied:

  • Select Drop user account only. Keep backed up data option, if you want to delete a user account and keep their backups in storage
  • Select Delete user and backed up data option to delete the entire user account including all their backup data and other related information
  • Select Delete backed up data only option to delete user backups. Then, in the list below, specify users' computers with backed-up data to be deleted

Once you are finished, click Delete.