Restore Corrupted File Backup

In case of part of file backup on the backup storage is accidentally deleted or lost, as of Backup Agent 7.9.2 for Windows you can try to restore the part of the files that was not lost.

  1. Open the Backup Agent
  2. In Tools .Options make any change, e.g., logging level.
  3. Click Apply. This update the engine settings file.
  4. Reset the options to the previous settings. Click Apply.
  5. Open the file enginesettings.list in the % ProgramData\Online Backup folder.
  6. Change <IgnoreMissingBlocks>false</IgnoreMissingBlocks> to <IgnoreMissingBlocks>true</IgnoreMissingBlocks>
  7. Save the file.

Now you are ready to start restore.

All files that cannot be restored appears in backup history.