Seeding Backup on a Computer with Fast Connection

In some cases you may need to initially upload your customers’ data through your own bandwidth and then let them continue backup to that location.

This might be an issue if your users have a big amount of data for initial backup but their upload speed is slow. In such case you can grab an external hard drive, copy data they want to back up and upload it to the cloud through other bandwidth..

Below is the manual on how to do that and then let your customers access their data as it was uploaded from their computers and continue backup.

Uploading customers data

To upload user’s data to the storage, run Backup Agent and log in with your user account credentials. Use the same user name, password and backup prefix that your customer will use.

By default, the backup prefix is a local computer name. Make sure you have a correct backup prefix specified. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. In Backup Agent, open the application menu.
  2. Select the required storage account.

  1. In the Storage account property box, click Advanced Settings.

  1. Check the backup prefix settings.

  1. If needed, modify the backup prefix, then click OK.

When you have logged in as your customer you can upload the data to the storage.

Continue users backup

After data was uploaded user can view it from his computer. The user should log in to MBS Agent using exactly the same login, password and prefix you used to upload data. The sync process will start automatically and uploaded data will appear on the Backup Storage tab. If later your user would like to restore data, he can do that from this tab.

To continue backup user has to create a backup plan with the same file structure used in the initial data upload. With Backup Wizard user can easily setup such a plan.

Please note that if you did initial upload to external drive, for example, starting with F:[userdata...] and the user has its data on local drive (e.g. C:) then to let him continue backup to the same location you will have to rename the cloud folder from F: to C:

How to rename cloud folder

To rename cloud folder, proceed as follows:

Step 1. To rename cloud folder you can use CloudBerry Explorer PRO. Download it here: CloudBerry Explorer PRO comes with 15 day fully functional trial.

Step 2. Launch CloudBerry Explorer, access your cloud storage account and open your MBS bucket, find proper user folder MBS-[UserId], where [UserId] identifies MBS user.

To find user ID, go to the Managed Backup Service control panel. Open the “Users” tab, find the proper user and click Edit button.

Step 3. The window with user account details will open. In your browser’ address box you will see the URL that should look like Instead of multiple “x” you’ll see your user ID.

Step 4. Go back to CloudBerry Explorer and open proper user folder, then open folder with customers backup that looks like “CBB_[BackupPrefix]”. We have described how to find backup prefix in the Uploading Customers Data section above.

Step 5. Now you will see a folder with drive letter in its name. Give it a proper name. In our example we’ve renamed the folder from F:\ to C:.

If you have followed this manual correctly, your customers will see their data uploaded and will be able to access it and continue backup from their computers to the same location in the cloud.