Managing Client Options Remotely

You can manage client options remotely, using the Management Console. The options like bandwidth, connection and other advanced options.

Managing Client Options

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In RMM menu, select Remote Management.
  3. Open Settings menu (the gear icon), select Edit sub-menu, then select Edit Options. Click Actions in the line with a computer name you want to edit options for and select "Edit Options" menu item.

Step 4. You can set or edit any option for the client.

The options are:

  • General - show/hide on system tray, protect console and CLI with a master password, user interface language.
  • Connection - number of attempts, time between retries.
  • Bandwidth - bandwidth settings for cloud and local storage.
  • Proxy - proxy settings
  • Retention Policy - retention policy settings: by file age, by number of versions.
  • Logging - logging level, log location
  • Repository - repository synchronization
  • Advanced - chunk size, thread count, process priority
  • Memory Options - memory usage limits, temporary folder location

Step 5. Click Save at the end of the page to save your preferences.

The changes are applied to the Management Console immediately.