Hyper-V VM Restore

Managed Backup supports restore of Hyper-V server or Failover Cluster virtual machines.

Consider, item -level restore from long-term (cold) backup storages is not currently supported

Restore Hyper-V virtual machines is a two-steps procedure where you download the backup files at first and then add the restored machine to your Hyper-V host.

This chapter covers the following topics:

System Requirements

  • Hyper-V server on Windows Server 2012 or higher

How to Restore

Downloading backup files

Step 1. Open the Restore Wizard and select storage you want to restore the virtual machines from.

Step 2. Name your restore plan if you want to use it periodically to restore the virtual machines.

Step 3. Choose the "Restore Hyper-V Virtual Machine" on the Type of Data step.

Step 4. Choose the "Restore Type" to restore from specified time.

Step 5. Choose the "Restore Source" to restore selected virtual machines from the list.

Step 6. Choose the "Destination" where to restore backup files.

Note: original location is not available for Hyper-V restore.

Step 7. The "Encryption Options" screen allows you to enter a password if one is needed to decrypt the selected files.

Step 8. Specify the Schedule. Here you can set up a custom schedule for restore plan.

Step 9. Set up notifications.

Step 10. Review the plan summary and finish the Restore Wizard.

Starting from Management Console version 5.0, pre- or post- actions for Backup Agents can be restricted by provider. To learn more about the pre-/post action settings, refer to the Global Agent Options and Companies chapters

Adding Virtual Machine to Hyper-V host

Step 1. Open Hyper-V Manager.

Step 2. Right-click on your Hyper-V host being listed in the left panel and select New | Virtual Machine.

Step 3. In New Virtual Machine Wizard specify virtual hard disk that you restored using Use an existing virtual hard disk on Connect Virtual Hard Disk step.

Item-level Restore

Note that Item-level restore is only available for NTFS file systems

MBS Agent for Windows enables you to perform file-level restore for Hyper-V virtual machines.

To Perform Item-level Restore

  1. In Backup Storage tab, select the required virtual machine, then right-click on it.
  2. Select File Level Restore.

  1. In File Level Restore dialog box, select files you want to be restored, then specify the restore location.

Select the folder you want to save your file to and click Select Folder.

Shortly after the restore plan will start. Once finished, the file will be located in the specified destination.