Create Backup Plan

  1. Press the Clockwise arrow button to start the Backup Wizard.

  1. At the "Cloud Storage" step select a storage where to back up.

  1. At the "Plan name" step specify a human-readable name for the plan. This is also the step to specify whether to use Block Level backup and whether to save the plan configuration to the storage.

  1. At the "Backup Source" step select files and folders to be backed up.

  1. At the "Advanced Filter" step you can specify the list of file types to be backed up or the types that are to be skipped during backup.

  2. At this step specify compression and encryption options, cloud-specific options such as storage classes/tiers are also set here.

  1. At this step specify the retention policy - the rules of how the data is deleted from the cloud. The process is automatic and is performed at the end of the backup plan. More information on how it works can be found here.

  1. At the "Schedule" step specify how frequently and when exactly to run this plan.

Note that block-level feature applies to files with a size more than 1 Mb due to a block size limitations

  1. Complete the Wizard to create your backup plan.

Starting from Management Console version 5.0, pre- or post- actions for Backup Agents can be restricted by provider. To learn more about the pre-/post action settings, refer to the Global Agent Options and Companies chapters