Backup Data Deletion in Backup Agent

For security purposes the data deletion in the Backup Agent is disabled by default.

Enable Data Deletion for all Backup Agents

To enable the data deletion for all Backup Agents, navigate to the Settings > Global Agent Options, and select Allow Data Deletion in Backup Agent option. Save the changes.

Enable Data Deletion for Specific Companies Only

The option may also be enabled for the selected companies.

  1. In the Organization menu, select Companies .
  2. In the table, find the company you want to edit, then click Edit.
  3. On the side panel navigate to Agent Options tab.
  4. Select Use Custom Options.
  5. Select Allow Data Deletion in Backup Agent option.

  1. Save the changes.

With Allow Data Deletion in Backup Agent option enabled for the company, the backup data related to the company's computers may be removed from the backup storage in the Backup Agent. To remove the backup data, right-click the generation you want to delete, and then select Delete Backup Data option.

  1. Confirm the deletion.

Consider, that it is not possible to remove a particular incremental backup data. Only the whole backup generation can be removed

Data Deletion in Immutable Storage

In case backup data is stored in backup storage destination with enabled Object Lock (Immutability), deletion from Backup Agent is not available. Every backed up object in the immutable backup storage is marked how long this object will be kept. This marker is created at backup completion and cannot be changed. In case you need to delete the backup data from immutable storage, contact the backup storage provider support.