Backup Data Deletion in Management Console

Data deletion may be needed in different situations, such as a decommissioned computer or cleaning up the storage space in the cloud. In case of deleting the computers from the Computers page or uninstalling the Backup Agent, the data might remain in its backup destination. These data can de deleted in Management Console as described below or in Backup Agent UI. It's possible to check if there is any unnecessary data using the Capacity report.

You can delete backup data from cloud storage using a deletion robot in those cloud storage you have access to. You have the following options:

  • Supported Storages: Entire computer's backup data can be deleted using Organization > Users grid
  • MSP360 Storage Powered by AWS / Wasabi: Backup data can be deleted using the Capacity report.

Delete Data of Selected Users

To delete backup data of specific users perform the following:

  1. On Organization > Users find the user to delete backup data.
  2. Click the deletion button at the end of the user's entry, and select Delete data only option.

  1. Confirm the deletion.

Data Deletion in Immutable Storage

In case backup data is stored in backup storage destination with enabled Object Lock (Immutability), deletion from Management Console or Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace dashboard is not available. Every backed up object in the immutable backup storage is marked how long this object will be kept. This marker is created at backup completion and cannot be changed. In case you need to delete the backup data from immutable storage, contact the backup storage provider support.

Delete Data Using Capacity Report

There are three data levels in the Capacity report:

  • Storage account
  • User data
  • Computer data

Browsing on different data levels is easy: just click the required object in the Capacity report to open the lower level. Thus, to view some particular computer data, click the required storage account, then click the required user.

The unassigned status of buckets means that no backup destination in Managed Backup is currently associated with this bucket. All data in this bucket is marked as orphaned

If you see any discrepancies between the actual storage usage and information in the capacity report, please run the consistency check on your computers using this destination. In some cases, the storage provider also calculates the size of the incomplete multipart uploads, which are not visible for the Backup Agent. Read more about removing the incomplete multipart uploads here.

To delete backup data in cloud storage, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In Reporting, select Capacity Report.

  1. Click the required storage account.
  2. Click the required user (computer) whose backup data are to be deleted.

  1. Click X, then confirm the action in the dialog box and provide the 2FA confirmation. If 2FA is disabled for your account, you will be prompted to enable it to continue with data deletion.

How It Works

As you confirm backup data deletion in Management Console, a special task is created to delete backup data. These data are not deleted immediately since there is a 3-hour delay to start deleting a user or computer data. In some cases, the delay may be longer if the deletion robot is highly loaded. In this delay period before the beginning of data deletion on storage, the task can be canceled. If data deletion already began, deletion cannot be canceled.

Displayed Data After Deletion Is Completed

Note that if not all data is deleted (for example, because some data is under Object Lock (Immutability), information about these data in the corresponding element (user or computer) in the Capacity Report will not change, but you will receive a message that the data is correct will be displayed after synchronization. Synchronization is performed by the Backup Agent automatically upon the next backup plan execution.

If all backup data is deleted, zero data is immediately displayed in the 'Used data', or the corresponding element (user or computer) is just not visible in the report.

User Data

The data deletion feature is available only for cloud storage. If backup storage is local (for example, FTP or file system), user data cannot be deleted. For such cases, it is possible to delete user data at the computer level.

Computer Data

Backup data deletion is supported only for the following cloud storage:

For all other cloud storage, only information about backup data is deleted from the Capacity report. That is, if backup data is still in storage, the information will appear in the Capacity report after synchronization. Note that in this case an automatic synchronization will not be performed. You must run the sync manually.

For all actions related to data deletion, the enabled two-factor authentication is required