MSP360 Storage (AWS). Terms and Conditions

As of MSP360 Management Console version 5.1, we are offering MSP360 disk space by AWS. By signing up for the storage service you agree to these terms and conditions, which are subject to change at any time without notice. You also understand that this storage solution was developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc, and is subject to AWS’s terms and conditions.

As a part of our storage offering, we provide new customers with 1TB of free storage during your trial period which is defined as 30 days after signup. When 1TB of trial storage is consumed, or the trial period has expired, whichever comes first, you can continue to use the storage for a fee. To continue using storage after the trial period ends, you must subscribe to the MSP360 storage in order to switch the storage to paid mode, as described in Subscribe for one of MSP360 Storages.

Basic Pricing

The price for data storage is 0.023 USD per GB per month with no additional charges for download, egress or API requests.

Storage Class and Regions

All Amazon S3 Standard Storage in the Eligible Regions listed below are 0.023 USD per GB per month You can select the Eligible region listed below:

  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • EU (Ireland)
  • EU (Stockholm)

Behind the Math

Calculating the Size of Units

Amazon S3 storage usage is calculated in binary gigabytes (GB), where 1GB is 2^30 bytes.

This unit of measurement is also known as a gibibyte (GiB), defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Similarly, 1TB is 2^40 bytes, i.e. 1024 GBs.

S3 Standard storage: 1 TB per month x 1024 GB in a TB = 1024 GB per month

Pricing Calculations

Tiered price for: 1024 GB 1024 GB x 0.023 USD = 23.55 USD Total tier cost = 23.5520 USD (S3 Standard storage cost) S3 Standard cost (monthly): 23.55 USD

Note: According to the IEC recommendations, all calculations related to the use of base-2 should use terms such as TiB, GiB, MiB. However, following industry standards, we use the terms GB, TB, and PB

Incomplete multipart uploads

Incomplete multipart uploads occur when a multipart download starts but has not been completed due to a planned or unplanned interruption. Just like AWS, MSP360 bills for the storage associated with incomplete multipart objects as long as they are kept on the storage. Aborted multipart uploads are charged according to the storage class specified when the parts were uploaded, for at least 10 days from creation time, and then they will be deleted according to the lifecycle policy pre-configured on each MSP360 (AWS) bucket.


We use a pay-as-you-go model based on the above pricing after the trial terms and conditions have been met. This is a flexible post-payment model that allows you to pay only for what you use. There is no minimum charge.

If an attempt to charge your card for an MSP360 invoice fails (for any reason including insufficient funds, bank declines, card expiration, etc.), the following steps described and shown in Table 1: Notification on Payment Failure and Action Timeline listed below will happen without exception.

Table 1: Notification on Payment Failure and Action Timeline

You have 7 days from the time of the first payment failure to pay the outstanding balance or we will lock your account and make it read only.

You have 30 days from the time of the first payment failure to pay the outstanding balance or we will delete your MSP360 storage account and associated files.

Note: If you are not able to resolve your payment issues before this time, please contact us as soon as possible before automatic system delete action is taken on your MSP360 storage account and files

Note: Once the files have been deleted by the above process, it is not possible to recover the files

Deleting a Storage Account and Backup Data

Note: In case you delete your storage account or your bucket(s), the processing will take up to 7 days for paid accounts, this is for security and recovery reasons. For free trial accounts, the storage and backup data will be deleted within 24 hours. This period is also included in billing.