Data Seeding

Data seeding is a solution for computers or networks with low bandwidth or unstable outgoing connections to cloud storage, or other connection issues.

With data seeding, you transfer the full backup dataset to a computer with a faster connection with a subsequent upload to cloud storage and then continue with incremental backups from the original location with slow connections.

The idea of data seeding is as follows: the first full backup is created to a local destination (for example, to removable media connected to a source computer or network share), then the full backup is transferred to a location with a faster connection for the subsequent copying to cloud storage. Once the first full backup transfer is complete and the original computer is connected to the cloud storage, synchronization is performed and the next backup should be incremental.

Incremental backups from the original location can be continued without overloading a slow internet channel.

To implement data seeding, follow the instructions below: