Configuring Billing in Autotask

  1. Log in to Autotask.

  2. Hover over Autotask logo and select "Features and Settings" from Admin menu.

  1. Expand the list of "Contracts & Un-Posting" options of Admin menu.

  1. Go to "Contract Categories" section.

  2. Click "New" to create a new category.

  1. Type CloudBerry in the "Name" section and click "Save".

  2. Click a "return" icon next to "Contract Categories" section name for returning to the "Admin" menu.

  3. Expand "Finance, Accounting, & Invoicing" option of the Admin menu.

  4. Go to "Billing Codes" section.

  5. Expand the list of "New" button options and click "Material Code".

  1. Type CloudBerryBillingCode in the "Name" field and select "Taxable" option from the list of Tax Category options.

  1. Click "Save" button at the top of the pop-up window.

The newly added category appears on the Material list, and now billing in Autotask is configured.

Learn more how to send billing statistics to Autotask from the Management Console.