ConnectWise Manage Settings

ConnectWise is a business process automation platform that allows businesses to sell, service, and support technology more efficiently and in a more streamlined way. The business management tool allows a business to centralize all information, automate business processes, real-time visibility in operations, and provide better customer support.

The app can also be used for ticket management, help desk management, project management, customer relationship management, time tracking, asset tracking, billing and invoicing, technician dispatching, procurement, inventory management, among others.

Authentication in the Management Console

To authenticate ConnectWise API Member in the Management Console, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the Settings menu, select ConnectWise Manage.

You need to provide three credentials:

  • Member ID. You can find it in the Details tab

  • A public key and a private key. You can find those in the API keys tab

Note that if you create or edit a description, a new pair of public and secret keys is generated

Once you specify all required credentials in the Management Console, click Save.

To check for missing permissions, click Check Member Permissions.

To learn more about the integration with ConnectWise Manage, refer to the ConnectWise Manage section