IP Address Allowlist


Managed Backup enables providers to restrict access to the MBS Management Console to a list of IP address ranges. This might be critical in ensuring that only users of a particular network can access the Management Console. Alternatively, it could be used to prevent cyber-malefactors from taking control of the console.

Managing an MBS IP Address AllowList

You can create or edit Managed Backup IP address allowlist on the IP Allowlisting side panel.

To open the IP Allowlisting side panel

  1. In the Settings menu, select IP AllowListing.

This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by turning on the Enable Allowlisting toggle button at the top of the side panel.

Once it is enabled, you can examine the grid that lists all of your allowed IPs and IP ranges. Each entry contains an Allowlist Name, IP ranges, and individual IP addresses.

Note that your IP address is by default allowlisted. This is to ensure that you don’t accidentally get banned from the Managament Console after enabling the feature. As a result, when you’ve just enabled the feature, only you (the administrator) are authorized to access the console. The rest of the users will have to be added to the allowlist manually.

Add New Entry

To add a new allowlist IP or IP range, click Add New, fill in the appropriate text fields, and click Save:

  • Name: The name that appears on the Management Console and describes the IP addresses.
  • IP/Range: The IP ranges or individual IP addresses that are authorized to access the Management Console.

Note that it’s acceptable if IP ranges and individual addresses overlap — MBS will properly resolve such conflicts.

Delete or Edit Allowlist Entries

You can delete any allowlist entry by clicking the Delete (X) icon next to that entry. To confirm the deletion operation, click Save beneath the side panel:

If you need to change the name or IP range of any allowlist entry, simply click the Edit icon next to that entry, make appropriate changes, and then click Save:

Adding and removing new allowlist entries can be tracked in the Audit Log by displaying operations of type Security.


MBS IP address allowlist functionality enables providers to determine which IP ranges and addressed are authorized to access the Management Console. This functionality might prove to be crucial in preventing any sort of cyber attacks and ensuring stable business continuity.