Online Access

Managed Backup provides the Online Access feature. This functionality offers customers a secure way to view their backup content and ensure that data is properly backed up. Online Access features downloading data stored in the cloud storage and link sharing with other authorized parties.

Set Up Online Access for Users

Note that the Online Access service requires a certificate. To learn how to add the required certificate, refer to the Bindings and Certificates chapter

To enable Online Access, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Online Access.

  1. Select Allow my users online access to their backup data check box.

  1. Specify the alias name. This name will be appended to the end of the website URL. It is recommended to create brief and easily recognizable aliases. After saving your settings, a new URL will be automatically generated and displayed in properties.

Note: by default, is used for the generated URL

  1. To configure the custom domain, point your domain name to the following IP address: and write your domain name (for example, to the DNS field.

Make sure to specify your DNS name into the field:

  1. To provide a user interface with your custom logo, insert the URL of the image into the corresponding field of the Rebranding section. After saving your settings, you will see a logo preview. To confirm changes, click Save.

Viewing Data Online on a Client-Side

Note: Only the users configured on the Users section can use Online Access

Users can view their backed up data by going to the generated URL and entering their username (i.e. email) and password. The provider informs users what URL they can use for online access.

Note that backups made with the filename encryption enabled cannot be viewed using the Online Access tool

  1. Go to the Online Access URL.
  2. Enter login (i.e. user's email) and password. Click Login.

Once authorized, users are redirected to the inventory view with their backup content. Users can browse the files and folders, download objects, and create links to them to share with other users configured on the Users section.