Backup History

The Management Console features tracking of backup and restore activities of your users with a significant level of detailing. This provides a basis for analysis and cost optimizing.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Customize and View Backup History

To View Backup History

  1. In the Reporting menu, select the Backup History item.

The backup history page has a table view and formed on a monthly basis. The table contains the following data:

  • Operating system of a computer
  • Computer name.
  • A list of backup and restore plans grouped to a computer of origin.

Backup History table columns are displayed in a calendar view.

Icon Description
The plan is completed successfully
The plan is failed
The plan is finished with warning
The plan is not started
The plan is scheduled
The plan is running
The plan is deleted by user

If Restore Verification is enabled for the backup plan, an additional row appears for the plan to visualize restore verification result.

To Customize Backup History

  • If you need to view the backup history of a particular company, select it in the Company drop-down list
  • To view the backup history of all companies, clear the filter by clicking All
  • Use search to find a particular computer or backup/restore plan
  • To display the plans that finished with errors or warning or have not started, click Issue Only filter. To clear the filter, click All
  • By default you see the last result. To view the worst result per day select Worst filter.
  • To switch to another month of backup history, select the required period in the drop-down menu or use arrows.

You can switch to the Monitoring tab to view current status of all your computers and plans. Use Show Monitoring button for that. To learn more about monitoring, refer to the Monitoring chapter.

Detailing Plans

To View the Plan Details

  1. On the Backup History grid, click on a particular cell of a plan result.
  2. The plan details side panel has two tabs:
    • Plan View. The plan view contains basic information on a backup plan:
      • Status of the last run
      • Number of files uploaded
      • Number of files failed to back up
      • Size of backup
      • Plan duration

 * **Files View**. The files view contains information of files backed up during the backup plan run:

History Details on a Particular Computer

To View the Detailed History on a Particular Computer

  1. In the Reporting menu, select the Backup History item.
  2. Click on a particular cell of a plan result, click History icon on the side panel.

  1. The history tab is opened:

  2. Customize the view of the backup history. The following paremeters are available:

  • Search (field)
  • View (drop-down list)
  • Operation Type (drop-down list)
  • The List of Plans (drow-down list)
  • Period (drop-down list)
  1. Once you specified the parameters, click Apply.

The backup history on a particular computer has a table view and contains the following data:

  • Operation type
  • Path to a File
  • File Size
  • Object Backup Finish Time
  • Object Backup Duration
  • Date Modified
  • Message. You can open messages to view by clicking the "..." control.

Export History to CSV

You can export the backup history to a file of a CSV format.

To Export the Backup History

  1. In the Reporting menu, select the Backup History item.
  2. Click Export then choose Export to CSV

To Export the Files History

  1. In the Reporting menu, select the Backup History item.
  2. Select the required computer, the plan and the date.
  3. In the side panel, switch to the Files View tab.
  4. Click the MS Excel icon.