Subscribe for MSP360 Storage

Upon the first subscription every user is offered with 2 TB of the MSP360/Wasabi storage for testing purposes.

During the trial period, you can subscribe for MSP360 Storage to continue using it after the trial period expires. To subscribe for the MSP360 storage, proceed as follows:

  1. As you notice the notification in the Management Console, click the subscribe link in it.

  1. As the MSP360 Storage Subscription dialog box appears, read the terms and conditions, then select the I Agree with Terms and Conditions check box.
  2. Click Continue.

  1. You will be redirected to MSP360 Store. Click Order Now.

  1. Fill the required data in Order Details, select payment method, then click Next.
  2. Provide the payment details, then click Complete Order.

This purchase is processed by FastSpring, a trusted reseller for Order details will be sent to the email address specified in the order.