Backup and RMM Agent Update

Automatic Distribution of Updated Backup / RMM Agent Versions

The automatic update feature provides your users with the latest Backup and/or RMM Agent version installed. This feature can be enabled on the Downloads pane. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. Click Downloads.
  3. In the Downloads pane, switch to the Options tab.
  4. Select the Allow Automatic Update check box.

Note that Backup or RMM Agent build must be public to be updated automatically. Once a new Backup or RMM Agent version is generated manually and made public, it becomes available for automatic update. Sandbox builds cannot be updated automatically, but you can download and install it manually for testing purposes. As soon as the new version appears, you can generate a sandbox build. Click Make Sandbox

In case you are ready to make sandbox version available for all users, click Make Public

  1. The Backup Agent checks for the latest version available (public) at the start of any plan.

The Automatic Update feature is available for all operating systems

Plan Your Schedule for Automatic Update

Any plan (backup plan, restore plan, or consistency check) calls an automatic update service that checks if a new version is available. If a new version is available, the Backup Agent is updated automatically, then the plan starts.

If any other plan is running at the time of auto-update, the auto-update will be ignored.

In case you have a tight backup/restore schedule or there are long backup chains that may interfere with the Backup Agent updates, this may lead to a situation when an automatic update will not be executed at all.

Mind checking your backup/restore schedules to avoid these situations.

Real-Time Backup and Auto-Update

Note that in case some of your backup plans have the real-time backup option enabled, an automatic update tool will suspend these plans for the time of the update. Once the update is finished, these plans will be back to work normally (i.e, will start scanning for new objects every 15 minutes).

Forcible Update of Backup Agent

The forcible update feature enables you to update Backup Agent on your users' computers to any available Backup Agent build (sandbox or public) without notifying users.

You can run the force update for a certain computer or all selected managed computers.

To Update a Backup Agent on a Single Computer

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. On Computers select Remote Management if you use legacy main menu, or open Backup > Computers page in the new main menu.
  3. Find the computer you want the force Backup Agent update to be applied, then expand actions.

  1. Select Force Update.

To Update Backup and RMM Agents on Multiple Computers

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. On Computers select Remote Management if you use legacy main menu, or open Backup > Computers page in the new main menu.
  3. Click the Group Actions.

  1. Select the Force Update for Computers item.
  2. In the Force Update dialog box, specify the builds you want to be installed. The following build types are available:
    • Public builds
    • Sandbox builds
  3. Click Update.

Note: the force update feature is available only for computers that are in Online status

Note: When an update starts, your customer's Backup Agent will be closed and started again once the force update is finished. All backup and restore plans will be paused and must be restarted manually or they will be run by schedule.