MSP Admin for iOS

Some Managed Backup features can be implemeted via the MSP Admin which is a mobile application for iOS platforms. This is an extension of Managed Backup which enables providers to track user backup and restore activities in the online mode.

MSP Admin for iOS is equipped with following features:

  • Tracking successful and failed plan executions for all users
  • Tracking sensible information: online status and storage&RAM usage
  • Starting and terminating backup and restore plans
  • Viewing plan execution history
  • Receiving native configurable notifications.


To access MSP Admin, use your Managed Backup credentials. Run the application, specify your credentials, then tap Login.

Main Screen

The main application screen contains the list all of your instances which the basic information displayed:

  • Displayed name
  • Online status
  • Backup status
  • CPU and RAM usage.

The instance list can be sorted by the backup status (ratio of successful plan executions to the failed ones). Once the application is run, it automatically displays troubled computers at the top.

Computer View

Once you tap on any instance in the list, a screen with detailed information on the instance opens. The Info tab displays the following information:

  • Status
  • Type (regular or VM)
  • Display name (from Web Console's RM)
  • Computer name
  • Company to which it's assigned
  • User account
  • Product version and active license
  • License expiration date.


To view backup history, tap the History tab. All files backed up on selected instance, are displayed.


The Plans tab displays all backup and restore plans configured in the Backup Agent on the selected instance. Tap the backup plan to open a detailed view of the last plan run. To start or terminate any plan, tap Start or Cancel in the upper right-hand screen corner.


The CPU/MEM tab displays all media on the instance along with the bar that displays used and free space. It also displays CPU and memory usage on the computer.


Tap the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner to set up notification settings. You can enable native iOS notifications that will inform you on any failed or successful plan execution. Note that the notification settings in the Backup Admin do not affect email notifications.

To prevent third parties to access your remote instances, enable authentication via TouchID, FaceID, or passcode.

Support for iPad

CloudBerry Backup Admin for iOS can be installed on iPad as well with full support of the mobile application functionality.


Issue Probable Cause Action
Incorrect username or password Credentials with no sufficient privileges are used Make sure to use the root user credentials. Sub-administrator accounts do not have sufficient privileges
Computer list is empty TestFlight application version is used Download the public MSP Admin version from the AppStore