TCP Ports configuration

The Managed Backup Service employs a distributed architecture as it's displayed below. The functionality of the system relies on the uninterruped flow of communication between its parts.

In case a backup client is situated behind a NAT, Proxy or Firewall, ensure that the client is able to communcate with the resourses listed below.

IP addresses and ports associated with Management Console: (the European Union for remote management) (the United States for remote management) (the Asia-Pacific region for remote management)

Access to the following Internet resources must be allowed:


Endpoints associated with the cloud storage provider:

The following executables in the antivirus should be whitelisted:

  • Online Backup.exe
  • CBBackupPlan.exe
  • Cloud.Backup.Scheduler.exe
  • Cloud.Backup.RM.Service.exe
  • cbb.exe
  • CloudRaService.exe
  • CloudRaSd.exe
  • CloudRaCmd.exe
  • CloudRaUtilities.exe
  • Connect.exe (formerly Remote Desktop.exe)
  • uninst.exe