Start Free Trial

This chapter describes the first steps for Managed Backup beginners. Read it to get your first vision on how to start:

  1. Add Computer
  2. Configure Email Service
  3. Create Company
  4. Create User
  5. Create First File Backup

Sign Up for Managed Backup

  1. Open the MSP360 website.
  2. On a title page, click Free Trial.
  3. Complete the signup form, read the service agreement, then select the appropriate check box.
  4. Click Free Trial.

Once you open the Management Console for the first time, you will be prompted to pass the Getting Started wizard. Follow the instructions on the wizard steps.

You are offered or with 1 TB of the MSP360 (in collaboration with Amazon AWS) trial storage for 30 days for testing purposes. You will be able to add your storage account later or continue using the selected storage account on a paid basis.

Along with MSP360 (AWS) storage, you can use a trial Wasabi storage account with 2 TB of the MSP360/Wasabi for 30 days for testing purposes. You can add it manually later.

Add Computer

To add a computer and create a backup for testing purposes, refer to the following articles: