Management Console

The Management Console is a main web-based management tool for Managed Backup.

The workplace contents are managed by items in the main horizontal menu.

Storage Management

The Storage tab manages cloud and local backup storage accounts as well as storage limits.

Learn more about storage accounts in the Storage Accounts chapter

Learn more about storage limits in the Storage Limits section

Company Management

Manage your company settings, administrators, licenses, and users in the Organization menu.

Learn more about managing users in Users section

Learn more about managing licenses in Licenses section

Learn more about managing companies in Companies section

Learn more about managing your administrators in Administrators section


Manage your downloads in the Downloads menu.


Generate a variety of reports in the Reporting menu.

Learn more about report types and reporting in general in Reporting section

Remote Management

Manage your computers remotely in the Computers menu.

Learn more about remote management in Management section


Configure your Managed Backup settings in the Settings section.

Microsoft 365 /Google Workspace Backup

Manage your Google and Microsoft 365 backup settings in the M365/Google menu.

Learn more about backup and restore of Google and Microsoft 365 resources in Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace Backup section