Licensing and Product Editions

This chapter gives you a brief picture of Managed Backup licensing policy and covers the following topics:


MSP360 Managed Backup Service license policy is based on the license-per-instance principle. This means you need a number of licenses of required types that allows covering all users with the services you provide to them. Then, you can use the stationery software (Backup Agents) for your users. No activation keys or anything similar is required: you keep track of a sufficient amount of licenses of different types. Licenses can be automatically renewed.

Trial License

By default, a trial 15-day license is offered. Use the trial to evaluate the product.

License Expiration

Licenses are provided on a yearly or monthly basis. In Management Console, the following actions with licenses are offered:

  • Buy new licenses
  • Assign licenses to users
  • Release licenses
  • Renew licenses

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To learn more about license management, run through the chapters in the Licenses section.

Backup Agent Editions

To compare Backup Agent editions, refer to Backup Agent Editions.

You can change the Backup Agent edition in Management Console as described here.

Desktop edition is not available for computers running Linux by design. All other Backup Agent editions can be selected