Manage Licenses

Managed Backup is distributed on a per-instance basis. In other words, each instance must be assigned a license to be able to perform backups. If your network consists of multiple computers, each computer requires a separate license.

Licenses can be purchased in bulk and thereby shape a global pool or they can be purchased in separate transactions that can be matched with particular companies.

Refer to the chapters below for step-by-step instructions:

Manage and Purchase Licenses

If you already have trial or commercial licenses, please check their expire dates / renewal status to identify the required license quantity.. To check and purchase licenses, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the Organization menu, select the Licenses item.
  3. Use search box or filters above the grid to select required license category. The following filters are available:
    • Company: displays the licenses used for selected company. Click All to clear the filter.
    • Commercial/Trial: specifies whether the trial or commercial licenses will be displayed. Click the required category to filter the licenses.
    • All/Valid/Expired: specifies whether the valid or expired licenses will be displayed. Click All to clear the filter.
    • All/Used/Unused (applicable to commercial licenses): specifies whether the licenses assigned or not assigned to specific computer or domain will be displayed. Click All to clear the filter.
    • All/Auto-Renew Only: specifies whether all or the licenses with enabled Auto-Renew will be displayed
  4. In case specific license type contains more than one license, it should be expanded to display the license list.
  5. Identify the required licenses, specify the required quantity, then click Buy New Licenses
  6. Select the required license type, specify the required quantity, then click Buy and proceed to payment. You can also add Premium Support and/or Onboarding service to keep your service organized.

Note: If you have not already requested a specific trial or commercial license type, the following status will be reported: "You have not purchased licenses of this type".

Note: you are enabled to select the payment mode (Monthly or Annual) within the first purchase only

Note: The macOS & Linux requires a Desktop/Server license