MSP360 (Amazon S3) Exclusive Usage Discounted Licenses

As of Management Console version 5.6, MSP360 offers several license types with a promotional discount. The following licenses are subject to a discount program:

  • Desktop
  • Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace

Discounted License Pricing

With the exclusive use of MSP360 (Amazon S3), the following license prices are offered:

  • Desktop: USD 1.00/month for 1 license. The license billing period is 1 year
  • Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace: USD 0.50/month for 1 license. The license billing period is 1 year

MSP360 (Amazon S3) Pricing

The price for data storage is USD 0.023 per GB per month with no additional charges for download, egress, or API requests.

All Amazon S3 Standard Storage in the Eligible Regions listed below are 0.023 USD per GB per month.

You can select the Eligible region listed below:

  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • EU (Ireland)
  • EU (Stockholm)

Note that only the S3 Standard storage class is available for MSP360 (Amazon S3) storage

Terms and Conditions

The discount for licenses is valid if the MSP360 (Amazon S3) storage is used exclusively. This means no other cloud storage accounts can be added.

This limitation does not apply to local storage accounts: you add as many you as you need, discounted licenses will be valid

Adding New Cloud Storage

Upon an attempt to add a new storage account in addition to the MSP360 (Amazon S3), you are warned about the revoking of discounts for all licenses you purchased at a discounted price.

Note that in case you did not purchase any licenses at a discounted price and at some moment you add new cloud storage, the discount offer will be revoked without any warning

You can pay the surcharge (which is a difference of regular prorated license summary for all licensee purchased at a discounted price and prorated discounted summary) and add any new cloud storage accounts. Payment can be done with funds or credits.

Deleting MSP360 (Amazon S3) Storage Account

If you delete your storage account, licenses purchased at a discounted price are canceled.

For New Users

As you started the free trial, proceed to select the MSP360 (Amazon S3) storage in the Getting started wizard. Keep in mind that this storage account must be unique: adding a new cloud storage account revokes a discount.