Sign up for Google Cloud

To sign up for Google Cloud, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to and click TRY IT FREE.

  1. Agree with their terms of service and fill in the registration form.

  1. Once the registration form is complete, click Start my free trial.

  1. Next up you will see the control panel. Proceed to the navigation drawer to create a project.

  1. Select IAM & Admin.

  1. In "Projects", click Create Project.

All data in Google Cloud Storage belongs inside a project. A project consists of a set of users, a set of APIs, billing, authentication, and monitoring settings for those APIs. You can have one or multiple projects.

  1. Give your project a name and click Create.

  1. Once the new project is created, you will be able to create your first storage bucket inside this project. In the navigation drawer, click Storage.

  1. Click Create bucket.

  1. Specify the bucket name, default storage class, and location. Click Create.

Note: Buckets belong to a particular project and cannot be shared among projects. There is no limit however on the number of buckets that you can create within a project.

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