Backup Templates: Changes in Logic

In previous Management Console versions configurations were applied automatically after any change. As a result, in some cases fine-tuned configuration on some computers was owervritten.

As of version 5.5 of Management Console, the logic of applying configurations was improved. The new options were added to provide more flexibility:

  • The configuration is applied automatically only once
  • Introduced the option to manually select computers to re-apply a configuration in Apply Configuration dialog
  • Implemented the ability to exclude specific computers from configuration deployment list

Configuration Deployment Improved: Configuration Applied Only Once

As of version 5.5 of Management Console, configurations are applied only once. This improvement provides more flexible deployment of configurations allowing to bypass computers with custom settings previously configured.

If the modified configuration was already applied to computers, it will be applied automatically only to new computers in the configuration deployment list. Once you save the configuration, you will be informed about the list of computers where this configuration cannot be applied automatically.

You can customize computer list the modified configuration will be applied again.

The configuration deployment list determines the target computers the configuration is subject to apply to.

As the configuration is saved, computers that match the application settings can be in of three statuses:

  • Pending. Waiting for the configuration to be applied
  • Applied. Configuration was applied successfully
  • Failed. Configuration cannot be applied

A computer in the Pending status receives the last up-to-date configuration once. Then the Pending status is automatically changed to Applied or Failed.

Configurations to computers in Applied and Failed statuses can be applied only manually.

If the list of computers on the Apply To tab was modified and some computers with Pending status were removed from the configuration deployment list, the configuration will never be applied to these computers.

To see the new logic in step-by-step view, read the Create Configuration Example chapter

'Exclude Computers' Option

Excluding computers from the configuration deployment list allows you to use the configuration as a template only for new computers in the list or to perform more flexible configuration deployment by selecting only those computers where the configuration is needed.

Read about the 'Exclude Computers' option in the 'Managing Configurations' chapter. Configurations can be easily configured for any group of computers.