Example: Create and Enable Configuration for Remote Deploy (Legacy menu)

Create a configuration for one company with Windows target computers.

Create Configuration

  1. Open Management Console.
  2. In the Computers menu, select Remote Deploy.
  3. Click Add Configuration. The New configuration pane appears. This pane helps you to create a configuration from scratch.

  1. In the Configuration name, change the configuration name, if necessary.
  2. In OS Type select Windows.
  3. Switch to the Settings tab.
  4. Enable Interface Language, expand the tab and select English (United States).
  5. Switch to the Apply To tab, then select Apply to All Computers in Selected Companies.
  6. Click Select Companies, then select companies from the list. Click Save.
  7. Click Backup Plans to create a file backup plan included in this configuration.

  1. Click +Add New Plan.
  2. Select File Backup.

  1. Select the backup format. This example is based on the new backup format. It is recommended to update the Backup Agent version on all computers to create backups in the new backup format. The support for the new backup format is introduced in Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows and later.
  2. In the Create Files Backup Plan wizard, name the plan, then click Next.
  3. On the Where to Backup step, select the backup destination in the list. Click Next.
  4. Specify advanced options, then click Next.
  5. On the What to Backup step, specify a path to the users' Documents folder to back it up on all computers.

  1. Click + to add the path to the plan. You can also add necessary paths from the clipboard, e.g.:
    • %userprofile%\Documents
    • %userprofile%\Pictures

  1. Follow other backup wizard steps.
  2. Click Save to complete the wizard.
  3. The backup plan is added to the configuration.

  1. Click Create. Confirm the creation of the configuration in a disabled state by clicking Save.

Enable Configuration

  1. In the Computers menu, select Remote Deploy.
  2. Select configuration, then click Edit Configuration.

  1. Enable the configuration.

  1. Click Save. You will be notified that the configuration will be automatically sent to all computers included in the configuration only once.

  1. Click Save and Apply. Check the status of configuration deployment:
    • Applied. Displays the number of computers the configuration is applied successfully
    • Failed. Displays the number of computers the configuration could not be applied
    • Pending. Displays the number of computers with the state that prevents the configuration deployment. Navigate to Computers > Remote Management, then check if these computers are online and the Backup Agent version is up-to-date.

In case you change this configuration, it will be applied automatically only to new computers. For computers this configuration was already applied to, you will need to apply this configuration manually on the last step.