Manage Backup Plan Configuration

Export Configuration In Backup Agent

You can export all settings and backup/restore plans from one Managed Backup agent instance and then re-use (import) this configuration on another backup agent instance.

  1. Run the Managed Backup on the computer you want to export configuration from.
  2. Under Tools, click Export Configuration.
  3. Select the required backup plans.

  1. Select Include encryption passwords for backup and restore plans in the configuration to export if some of plans have encryption.
  2. Select location to save the configuration.
  3. Click Export.

You can select all plans, or exclude plans that are no longer needed

The configuration will be saved as a .cbbconfiguration file to the specified location.

You should transfer this file to the location available for another product instance.

Import Configuration in Backup Agent

Launch Managed Backup Agent instance where you want to apply exported configuration. Check whenther all used cloud backup storage are added to this backup agent instance. Add the cloud backup storages in case of these backup storages are missed in this new backup agent instance.

Only local backup storage targets can be imported. Cloud backup storages should be added manually.

Under Tools, click Import Configuration.

Navigate to the configuration file location. Click Import.

For the plans with encryption you need to enter the encryption passwords

Using PowerShell and ClI


Export backup plan configuration Import backup plan configuration



Export backup plan configuration Import backup plan configuration


Export backup plan configuration Import backup plan configuration

It is recommended to inspect the imported plans and ensure that all of the options are properly configured.