Forever Forward Incremental Schedule

Forever Forward Incremental (FFI) is a specific backup schedule that significantly reduces backup size on storage by keeping only one full backup copy.

With the Forever Forward Incremental schedule, backup data is continuously uploaded and only changes relative to the previous data are kept. The number of available Restore Points in backup depends on backup execution frequency and is defined by retention policy settings.

The Forever Forward Incremental schedule is not supported for plans in the legacy backup format.

Supported Cloud Storage

Forever forward incremental backup is available for the following storage providers:

  • Amazon S3 (except for long-term storage classes)
  • Microsoft Azure (except long-term tiers)
  • Wasabi
  • Backblaze B2
  • MinIO
  • S3 compatible (except storage providers without in-cloud object copying support)*
  • — If you use S3 compatible storage for your backups and intend to apply the Forever Forward Incremental schedule, contact the MSP360 technical support team


Forever Forward Incremental schedule is not compatible with GFS retention policy and Immutability. Thus, if you change the schedule in the existing backup plan to the Forever Forward Incremental one and it contains any GFS retention policy settings enabled, a new separate full backup for Forever Forward Incremental purposes will be created. At the same time, all previous backups under the GFS retention policy/Immutabtility will be kept on backup storage until their keeping periods and regular retention policy expire.

Enable Forever Forward Incremental

Forever Forward Incremental schedule is supported in Backup Agent as of version 7.8 or later. To apply Forever Forward Incremental, update Backup Agent instances on target computers

Forever Forward Incremental schedule is enabled on the Schedule step of the backup plan. To apply the Forever Forward Incremental schedule, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the Computers menu, select Remote Management.
  3. Find the required computer, then click the gear icon.
  4. Select Show plans.
  5. Find the required plan or create a new one.
  6. Follow the wizard to the Schedule step.
  7. Select the Forever Forward Incremental option, then specify the required schedule.
  8. Follow the backup wizard steps to save the configuration.

  1. Configure the Forever Forward Incremental retention policy.
  2. Click Save if you edit the existing plan.

Enable Forever Forward Incremental Schedule in CLI

To enable the Forever Forward Incremental schedule in CLI, use the -ffi parameter. This parameter configures a Forever Forward incremental schedule. This parameter is not compatible with the GFS retention policy. The parameter must be used with schedule settings and combined with the -purge parameter.

Possible values:

  • yes
  • no (default)

Command example:

addbackupplan -n "mynewplan" -a "myaccount" -d "c:\backup\" -ffi yes -every month -day 15 -at 12:30 -purge "1m"