Install Backup Agent for Linux

To Install the Backup Agent for Linux

  1. Download the installation package (for Debian-based distributives: .deb file; for RHEL-based: .rpm file) onto the system.

To learn how to set up Backup Agents in Management Console, refer to Backup Agent Setup chapter

For GUI environment:

  1. Run the installation package by double-clicking on it.

  2. Follow the installation instructions.

For CLI environment:

  1. For Debian-based run the command: sudo dpkg --install /PATH/package_name

For RHEL-based run the command: sudo rpm --install /PATH/package_name

Note that to manually upgrade the package to the newer version with dpkg you should use the --install command while rpm requires the --upgrade command.

Set Up the User Account

  1. Upon initial start you will be prompted to enter user email and password for the Managed Backup user.