Retention Policy

A data retention policy is an agreement on retaining data for operational or regulatory compliance needs.

A data retention policy appears as a part of an overall data management and plays a significant role since the definition of the terms of keeping a company's data is crucial. Data retention on longer periods than needed produces unnecessary storage usage and increases storage costs.

If user data is modified or deleted during the retention period, a copy of the original content can be always found in the backup storage.

Objects in backup storage whose retention period has expired, are deleted automatically, according to a retention policy settings, so this keeps the backup storage size under control. The duration of data retention policy can be ranged from days to years.

Retention Policy in Backup Plans

The retention policy feature in Managed Backup is usually based on the following settings:

  • Default Settings. These retention policy settings are applied for all backup plans of your users by default. The default is to keep 3 file versions. You can always change default retention settings per each computer in the backup agent or in the management console.
  • Custom Settings. The Managed Backup retention policy feature enables you to customize the specific retention policy for any backup plan. The following parameters are available:
    • Number of versions. This parameter allows you to specify a number of versions for files you want to keep in a backup storage. The parameter implies to full backups.
    • Delete versions older than. This parameter provides deletion of old file versions in backup storage based on a period of time.
    • Delay purge for. This parameter allows you to secure your backup storage by keeping backups that are to be deleted due to a retention policy for some more days. The Delay purge for parameter is not available for Image-Based backup plans
    • Always keep the last version. This parameter is a tool for securing actual file versions to protect data from occasional purge.

The retention policy is applied to the following backup plan types: