Regular Retention Policy In Legacy Backup Format

The retention policy for backup plans in legacy backup format is based on object versions kept on backup storage.

You can use a default retention policy (3 versions are kept for each file and purge delay is set for 3 days) or create a custom one for each backup plan in the legacy backup format.

To modify a retention policy for plans in the legacy backup format, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the Computers menu, select Remote Management.
  3. Find the required computer, then click the gear icon.
  4. Select Show Plans.
  5. Find the required plan (it must be in legacy backup format), expand it, then click Edit.
  6. In the backup wizard, switch to the Retention Policy step.
  7. Make the required changes.

The following retention policy settings are available:

  • Delete versions older than. You can make a backup service delete file versions that were modified or uploaded to your backup storage more than a certain number of days ago. When enabling this option, you can also make the backup service always keep the last version of each file regardless of when they were backed up
  • Keep number of versions. You can specify the maximum number of versions kept on backup storage for each file
  • Always keep the last version. Select this check box to have the last file version always on backup storage
  • Purge delay. You can specify a period of time for which locally deleted files should be maintained in the backup storage before being purged. After these files become removed from the backup storage, you will no longer be able to restore them

  1. Click Save.