Sending Billing Statistics to ConnectWise

Managed Backup Service is now integrated with ConnectWise - besides importing contacts and creating service tickets, it also allows you to send Managed Backup Service billings statistics to ConnectWise. To start using the "send billing" feature, you should configure ConnectWise integrator login, enable billing API for it and then connect to ConnectWise in the MBS Management Console.

This topic explains how to configure ConnectWise integration with billing API.

  • How to Configure Billing in ConnectWise
  • How to Send Billing to ConnectWise
  • How to Find Billing Stats in ConnectWise
  • Troubleshooting

Configuring Billing in ConnectWise

You need to configure the following ConnectWise entities:

  • Integrator Login - required for connecting to ConnectWise system;
  • Management Solution - allows to set up integration solution;
  • Agreement Type - defines a type of integration;
  • Agreement for a company - allows to assign a certain company to the integration type;
  • Product - defines a product for integration: MBS Backup for Windows;
  • Managed Device Integration and Cross-Reference - assigns integrator login to a the integration solution.

Note: Names of Management Solution, Agreement Type and Agreement must be the same.

In our instructions we use the name - ManagedBackupService.

Creating Integrator Login and Enable APIs

Please, find a step-by-step instruction on how to create Integrator login and enable APIs in the following article: Create Integrator Login and Enable APIs.

Creating Management Solution for Managed Backup Service

  1. Find "Management IT" table in Setup Tables:

  1. Click Management IT option to view the Management Solutions list.

  2. Click New Item icon to create a new Management Solution:

  1. Enter the following name for the management solution: ManagedBackupService.

  2. Drop-down the Management IT Solution list, select Custom and enter the same name for Custom Solution Name: ManagedBackupService.

  1. Click the Save icon on the toolbar to create a solution.

Creating Agreement Type for Managed Backup Service

  1. Find Agreement Type table in Setup Tables.

  2. Click Agreement Type option to view Agreement Type list.

  3. Click New Item icon to create a new Agreement Type.

  4. Enter the description as ManagedBackupService (similar to Management Solution name):

  1. Click "Save" icon on the toolbar to create an agreement type.

Create Agreement for ConnectWise Companies

  1. Select Companies tab on the left pane and click Company

  1. Find a company for each you want to create an Agreement and click on the company to open its properties.

  2. On the company page select Agreements tab in the bottom pane:

  1. Click New Item to create a new Agreement:
  • select Agreement Type that you have previously created: ManagedBackupService
  • specify an Agreement Name (that is similar to Agreement Type). In our example it is ManagedBackupService.
  • choose whether to have an ending date or not (select No Ending Date in that case)
  1. Click Save on the toolbar to save changes.

Note: You will need to enter the agreement name on the Managed Backup Service settings for ConnectWise integration.

Repeat 2-5 steps for each company you want to have billing stats about.

Creating Product for Managed Backup Service

  1. Select Procurement on the left pane then click Products.

  2. Click New Item icon to create a new Product:

  • specify a product name in Product ID (e.g. OnlineBackup)

Note: You will need this name on the Managed Backup Service settings for ConnectWise integration.

  • specify a product description in the Description
  • select Managed Services / Managed Services in the Category/Sub Category
  • select Software as Product Type
  • select Service as Product Class
  • specify Customer Description e.g. Managed Backup Service provides a reliable backup solution.
  1. Click Save on the toolbar to create the product.

Create Cross-References for Managed Backup Service

  1. Select System on the left pane then click Setup Tables.
  2. Find Managed Devices Integration table in Setup Tables; click Managed Devices Integration
  3. Click New Item icon to create a new Managed Devices Integration:
  • write ManagedBackupService in the Name and Solution fields
  • select your Integrator login from the Integrator Login drop-down list
  1. Click Save icon on the toolbar. Then the bottom pane becomes available.
  2. Click New Item in the Cross-References tab to create a new Level:
  • select SpaceUsage type
  • enter HighLevel in the Level field
  • select an agreement type you previously created from the Agreement Type list (i.e. ManagedBackupService)
  • specify (or find) a product you have previously created in the Product field (i.e. OnlineBackup).
  • select Backup Stats as a Configuration Type
  1. Click Save on the toolbar to save changes.

Sending Billing to ConnectWise

  1. Go to the ConnectWise page located under Settings.

  2. Enter the following ConnectWise integration credentials: Username, Password, Site, and Company ID. Click Save.

  1. On the second tab, you can enable sending billing statistics to ConnectWise automatically by selecting the Auto-billing checkbox. That will send statistics for all ConnectWise companies that you have imported to Managed Backup Service.

You can similarly disable it whenever you require that. 4. Click Save to update the billing information.

  1. For more thorough billing configuration, go to the Billing tab, under Reporting.

  2. Select the required billing month in the Period drop-down list to send the billing stats to ConnectWise.

  1. Click Send to ConnectWise and you'll immediately be prompted to select the required ConnectWise company. Do so and click Send Billing.

Note: If billing is not properly configured in ConnectWise for a certain company, you will see a Failed status. In this case, check out the previous section that guides you through the billing configuration steps.

How to Find Billing Stats in ConnectWise

  1. Open ConnectWise client

  2. Select Companies and then click Company

  3. Find a company name in the Company Name field and open its properties.

  1. Select Agreement tab in the bottom pane. Click on the ManagedBackupService agreement.

  2. Select Additions tab on the Agreement page to see the list of billing stats that have been sent to ConnectWise from Managed Backup Service:

  1. Click the name of the needed item (The Effective column shows a start date for selected period) to view the billing details:


In some cases due to configuration issues the following errors can be returned:

  • The Effective Date: ... in agreement addition cannot precede the Billing Start Date: ...
  • Effective date: ... cannot precede the agreement billing start date: ... If this is the case, use the following workaround:
  1. In ConnectWise Admin Console find the company for which the error was reported.
  2. Click Agreements.
  3. Click the agreement you want to correct. The Agreement page appears.
  4. On Additions tab change Effective Date to the same value as Billing Start Date and confirm the change.