RMM Alerting

RMM Service features a range of alerts to notify providers and/or administrators on events in network infrastructure (servers and workstations) with the installed RMM Agent instances. This feature requires licensing. The following alerts are available to configure in Management Console.

  • CPU Usage > 90% for 5 minutes
  • Memory Usage > 90% for 5 minutes
  • Used Disk Space > 90%
  • Windows Update Not Found or Not Running *
  • Antivirus Issues *
  • Incorrect System Time
  • CPU Temperature > 90°C (176°F) for 5 minutes
  • S.M.A.R.T issues
  • Connection Loss
  • Software Changes
  • Hardware Changes *
  • Service State
  • SNMP Devices

Alerts marked by * are available only for computers running Windows

Note that some alerts (for example, threat detection in Antivirus Issues or Server is offline for 20 minutes) are supported only in RMM Agent version 1.2 or later

A summary of monitored computers is displayed on the Remote Management widget on the Home (dashboard) page.

Specified recipients can receive email or push notifications about events and failures on computers with the installed RMM Agent instances. These settings can be configured for all companies or for specific ones.

Depending on the severity of a reported event, the following states of computers with the installed RMM Agent instances are available:

  • Healthy. This state displays that the computer is online and no monitored problems or warnings are found
  • Warning. This state displays the detection of warnings related to one or more of the selected alert types
  • Problem. This state means that a problem or failure related to one or more of the selected alert types is found
  • Offline. This state means that a computer is not available for Remote Management. The computer can be turned off or an RMM Agent version is not installed on it

Alert thersold can now be customized using Customize notification options on Settings > Notifications. The following thresholds are used as default triggers to create and then report an event:

Alert Type Healthy Warning Problem
CPU Usage CPU usage for 5 minutes < 70% CPU usage for 5 minutes > 70% CPU usage for 5 minutes > 90%
Memory Usage Memory usage for 5 minutes < 70% Memory usage for 5 minutes > 70% Memory usage for 5 minutes> 90%
Used Disk Space Used Disk Space < 70% Used Disk Space > 70% (any of disks) Used Disk Space > 90% (any of disks)
Antivirus (applies to Windows Defender only) Antivirus is running * Antivirus automatic updates are turned off
* Antivirus out-of-date
* Antivirus is disabled
* Only Windows Defender found (basic protection)
Antivirus not found or not running
Update The latest Windows update is installed Available Windows updates found Windows Update not found or not running
System Time - - System Time differs from the time on the server by more than 5 minutes
S.M.A.R.T. - - One or more S.M.A.R.T. attributes are critical
Server Is Offline - - 20 minutes
Software Change - Alerts arrive only from software installed for all users on a computer -
Hardware Change - Hardware change is reported (some devices are excluded by default) -
CPU Temperature - - 80°C (176°F) for 5 minutes

Refer to Alert Generating Logic below for details on how the event is created and processed.

Alert Generating Logic

In the RMM Agent, current information is compared with the information received in the previous 10-minute period.

Alerts are generated only if the new state changes to Problem.

Alerts are not generated if:

  • No previous states are in the database, so a comparison is impossible
  • Current state is not changed compared to a previous one

A separate alert is generated for any event type and sent to RMM Service. RMM Service handles the alerts received from RMM Agents and sends email notifications according to the global, company or computer notification options.

Problem, Warning and Offline states are reported:

  • On the Home (dashboard) page of the Management Console

  • On Computers > Remote Management if you use legacy main menu, or on RMM > Computers page in the new main menu.

Events can be filtered by a company and by alert severity:

  • Warning. Displays all computers with warnings
  • Problem. Displays all computers with problems and failures
  • All. Clears filters

Alert Notifications

Notifications can be configured on provider (global) level for all companies, on company level for a specific company. Global settings are applied to all computers that are not assigned to the company with the company-specific RMM notification settings or to computer with specified notification settings. To change notification use Customize notification options button.