RMM Service

The RMM Service is a new solution that provides an enhanced monitoring service for customer IT infrastructure along with advanced management tools. The RMM service requires an RMM Agent installed on every instance that is a subject of management/monitoring.

Generally, all RMM Service features can be divided into two modes:

Key Features

RMM Service key features are:

  • Monitoring and management tools:
    • IT infrastructure monitoring and assessment
    • Starting or stopping services, processes, Hyper-V virtual machines on remote computers
    • PowerShell script execution on remote computers
    • Remote registry editing
    • Software updates on remote computers
    • Data management on remote computers
  • Group operations for remote computers (PowerShell script run)
  • Asynchronous processing
  • Automatic reconnecting on timeouts
  • HTTPS, encryption, and 2FA support

RMM Service Installation

The RMM Agent is a software instance that must be installed on every remote computer that is a subject of monitoring or management. For more information, refer to the Install RMM Service section.