Add Computer to Back Up

This chapter describes first steps of Managed Backup beginners. Read this to add your first computer to create your first file backup:

  1. Sign Into Management Console.
  2. Add Computer.
  3. Authorize the Computer.
  4. Configure Email Service (optional).
  5. Create First File Backup.

1. Log in to Management Console

As you signed up for a free trial, check your inbox for an email message with instructions on how to log in to Management Console. This email has the You’ve signed up for MSP360 Managed Backup subject and contains your initial password.

Click the link in the email to access the Management Console.

2. Add Computer

To add a computer, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console as a provider or an administrator who can manage the company to add the computer.
  2. On the Computers menu, click Add Computer.


  1. Expand the + Add control on the top right corner of the screen and click Computer to open Computers.

  1. Select the MSP360 product to install Agent on the computer. Later you can other Agents.

  1. Select operating system of the computer.
  2. Select the package to install on the computer. In case there is no generated installation packages, click Generate after the installation package you are going to install. Wait while the installation package will be generated for you. By default, the public installation package is suggested to be installed. You can see the newest version of the product and can make it public by Make Public button. As soon as the newest version becomes public it will be available for all users. In case you already have generated installation packages and Enable Sandbox option for the download panel is enabled, you can add the newest version to your sandbox to test it before to make it public. To add the newest version to sandbox, click Make Sandbox button.

You can copy installation script to execute it on the added computer or copy the link to download. To perform these operations use the actions next to the Download button.

In case you are planning to download and install Connect, you will be redirected on Download panel to complete the installation

  1. Download and install the package on the target computer. Once the installation is complete, refresh the Computers page to see the new computers. Use the Pending filter to quickly find added, but not yet authorized computers. You should authorize the computer before you will be able to manage it. Close the wizard if all required installation package are downloaded. The Backup Agent must be installed in the default location.

3. Authorize Computer

Onse the selected Agent is installed on the computer, refresh the Computers page to see the new computers. Use the Pending filter to quickly find added, but not yet authorized computers.

  1. In the Computers grid find the computer. In the Company & User Account column, click Authorize or Pending.

  1. Select or create a new company to add the computer. In case you create a new company you can configure the new company later. Now you only set a name for the new company.

You can manually associate the computer with the user.

It is not recommended to use the provider account for backup purposes. Consider, if the same account is assigned to multiple computers, these computers will share the same backup destinations and backup data access will also be shared between these computers

If you select a specific user, the selected user should be enabled. Check the user status on the 'Organization > Users'.

4. Configure Email Service

By default, when you add your first computer, Email Service is configured as follows:

In case these default settings do not match with your requirements, you need to configure the Email Service. In Management Console, navigate to Settings > Email Service to specify an email address your end users receive notifications from and select the email service. This step is mandatory.

Verify the email address and click Save Changes.

  1. Fill in the form, in the Public builds that should be included to email group, select the required Backup Agent installation packages. You can assign the new user to the company (read about company creation in the Create Company paragraph), or create a new company with another backup destination, if necessary.
  2. Once you are done, click Save.

5. Create Your First File Backup

As you are done, proceed to create a new file backup.