Synthetic Full Backup (legacy backup format)

Synthetic full backup is a type of subsequent full backup that makes a comparison to the previously backed up data on the storage and uploads only modified block of data from source to a backup storage. Synthetic full backup helps to reduce the amount of data uploaded and accelerates a full backup creation.

How Synthetic Full Backup Works

The first (initial) backup is always a full backup of selected dataset. Synthetic full backup is an advanced way to perform subsequent full backups.

Running a full backup from time to time is advised for all backup types.

Synthetic full backup works as follows:

  • Checks if any parts of files on the backup storage (i.e. already uploaded) correlate to those you are about to upload
  • Copies that existing data inside the storage to generate a new full backup
  • Uploads only new blocks of data from computer to the backup storage

Synthetic Full backup type is supported for: