To connect the computers you need one of the following:

  • A RMM + Connect license for connecting to all computers you manage
  • A separate Connect licenses for every computer you want to connect. As of Management Console 6.4.5
  • An assigned backup license on remote computer. For connecting to the computers with assigned backup licenses using web browser connection in Management Console, the separate Connect license is not required. For these purposes you can use Connect for free.

In case the administrator already have a Connect (formerly Remote Desktop) license and you are planning to purchase a RMM + Connect license, or to use web browser connection to this computer based on the backup license assigned to it, the Connect license can be released, and then, if you are not planning to reuse this license, the Auto-Renew can be turned off for this license on Organization > Licenses. These licenses come with a 15-day free trial.

Purchase Licenses

  1. In the Management Console, select Organization.
  2. Select Licenses.

  1. Click Buy New Licenses.
  2. Select the required amount of Connect or RMM + Connect licenses.

The Connect or RMM + Connect licenses are required to connect remotely to a computer from Management Console using desktop version of Connect. These licenses allow an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections for an administrator. If you are planning to use web browser connection to the computer based on the backup license assigned to it, the Connect license is not required for this computer

  1. Click Buy.
  2. Once you purchased the required amount of licenses, proceed to the tool.