Download Connect

To use Connect functionality in Management Console you can download and install both Connect client installation package for the computer you use to access Management Console and Connect host installation packages for all computers you want to connect to. Also you can create remote desktop connection using wed browser. This feature is available for all computers with any licensed edition of the Backup Agent.


For Connect deployment to any computer, this computer must be associated with an user and a company specified for this user.

Download Connect Installation Package for Computer Used to Control Other Computers

To download Connect Agent for the computer you want to connect from, proceed as described here.

Refer to Connect documentation for instructions on how to use Management Console for remote desktop connections. Refer to Connect Agent documentation for instructions on how to work with Connect agents:

Installation on Multiple Computers to Include in Specific Company

To install Connect on multiple computers and to include them to selected company, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console as a provider or an administrator who can manage the company that will contain these computers.
  2. On the Computers click Add Computer.

Proceed with Add Computer wizard as described below

  1. On Pre-Configuration step, click Connect to pre-configure an installation script.

  1. Select operating system of the computers. In case you there are computers with different operation systems, you have to create several installation scripts.
  2. Select the company you are planned to add this computer to. Expand the Company to select one of the existing companies or to add, and then select a new one. To add a new company click Add New Company and specify the new company name. You can configure your new company later as described in Companies.

  1. Click Next to select installation method.
  2. Select installation method Download and install manually.
  3. Expand actions next to the Download button. Select Copy Installation Script to execute it on the computers.

Click Next. On Post-Installation step you will see the instructions on how to complete the procedure.

Note, in some cases you will need to refresh the Computers page to see the new computers. Use the Pending filter to quickly find added, but not yet authorized computers. You should authorize the computer before you will be able to manage it. Close the wizard if all required build are downloaded. The Backup Agent must be installed in the default location

Run PowerShell with administrator rights on every target computer, then execute copied script. All these computers, except for computers that are already included in another company, will be included to specified company. In case of the installation script will be executed on α computer that is already included in another company, Connect will be installed, but the original company remain unchanged.